October 29, 2000
 Lee Porter Butler came to West Palm Beach fourteen years ago with a mission to
build a
Creative Communications Center, where every voice in the community is heard,
as well as a facility of Learning.  All the arts and the benign utilities of
are taught at the center.  The structure itself is a model of
EKOTECTURE, which floats,
is built to withstand the forces of nature such as earthquake, hurricane, fire and creates
NO POLLUTION.  It takes nothing from the earth, air or water to operate nor does it
put anything back into the earth, air or water, unlike our existing buildings  today.  All of
the systems are off the shelf technology which exist all over the world individually, but
have been integrated into one structure by Butler.
 Butler, whose first technological breakthrough in the 1970s of the gravity geo-thermal
envelope, he taught at University of California in The Graduate School of Design, and
was the technology by which his company
EKOSE'A Homes built  homes world-wide
which do not use material resources for heating or cooling.  Many of these homes never
have used a back-up system and exist in places like Switzerland, northern Canada, and
every state in the union.
 Lee's work filled pages of every shelter magazine world-wide including cover spreads
in such prestigious journals as Omni, House and Garden, Popular Science, and others.  
Heralded by Harvard Professor William Surecliff ,  Brookhaven National Laboratories
and Lausanne Labs hailed Butler's buildings as the most energy efficient ever designed,
by their monitoring criteria was employed on his Newport, Rhode Island home over a
period of two years.

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